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31st auction - Lot 1

31. auction catalog

Saturday, 13st April 2024

Check catalog of stamps and post card in On-line catalog or view the entire catalog by Download PDF.

On Saturday, April 13st there will be no hall auction, but there will be an on-line biding using PhilaSearch service. There are more reproductions available at the Philasearch version.

31st auction - Lot 1
Lot 1 – Dobrovnik. Complete run of 29 different stamps. Extremely rare 50 fil. Stamp is original but heavily damaged  which is also due to very fragile paper of the stamp. A piece of stamp is missing in left lower corner. It also has a tear in lower part and some brown stains. It is included mainly  as a sample. Very few 50 fil.postage due stamps are known (only 15 overprinted ! ). Virtually all stamps have genuine overprints, with the exception of few individual and less important stamps. 2 fil. “Harvesters, Magyar Posta” is cancelled (Certificate Rogina), 12 fil Postage due is without gum. Quality is in part somewhat mixed. Nice set